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Learn how to win in Andar Bahar in an online casino with some hot winning tricks. More, you’ll know how learning the game rules by heart will help you to use Andar Bahar winning tricks more productive

Among the table game enthusiasts, Andar Bahar is the most popular game. 24betting now has a separate table and mobile version of this game. So, you can play online Andar Bahar real cash and for free from the convenience of your place.

Although, some people want to know how to win Andar Bahar in a casino and we can easily tell them that it depends entirely on luck. However, you can still implement some Andar Bahar tricks to move the odds in your favor. Depending on these tricks, your chances of winning are a few, but a little hope is better than nothing.

So, let’s evaluate different Andar Bahar game tricks and find out what suits you.


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Andar Bahar Tricks

Bet on the Side From Where the Game Begins

Some tricks are based on statistics, while others are based on superstitions. However, this Andar Bahar winning tricks are based on statistics and has higher chances of coming out right.

The Andar Bahar game tricks are to place your bet on the side where the dealer starts placing cards. And well, there’s a logical explanation for that. The cards are dealt alternatively, so your winning card has higher chances of coming onto the side from where the game began.

For instance, the dealer started placing cards from the bahar side, and you bet on the same side as well, this is one of the most popular Andar Bahar game tips. Your chances of winning will be higher then, even though the house edge will be lower.

Use the Martingale Strategy

This strategy was basically devised for the general roulette game, but it is applicable for any game based on luck. Here, you’re supposed to double your bet amount every time you lose. So, when once you hit a win, you earn big enough to cover up the loss along with a little profit.

But, before you go for this Andar Bahar playing cards trick, you must know that it is a high-budget strategy, as a losing streak will require you to double your bet each time. So, you better start with smaller bets while playing martingale strategy. Or else, you’ll be out of money before you know it.

For instance, if you start with an initial bet of 200 INR and have a losing streak for five games. You’ll lose money in the following sequence:

  1. 200
  2. 400
  3. 800
  4. 1600
  5. 3200

So, better place smaller bets and stay in the game for longer to have more winning chances.

Place Smaller Bets

If you’re wondering, “how you can increase your chances of winning Andar Bahar in a live betting casino in India?” It is by staying longer in the game, as it is a 50/50 game, you either win or lose. Therefore, we suggest staying in the game for longer to have more chances of winning.

And an ultimate Andar Bahar trick for that is placing small bets. So, you’ll lose less if you lose and have more budget to play with.

Bet on either Winning or Losing Streak

This is the Andar Bahar card game trick that is based on superstition. It is more commonly known as “the hot or cold strategy.” Many gamblers believe that it works, and others think it’s a myth only. However, experts at 24betting believe if this trick comes out right, it brings huge payouts.

The theory of this strategy is based on guessing Andar Bahar. So, the gambler who believes in the hot streak will place his bet on the side that has a winning streak. And the gambler who believes on the cold streak will place his bet on the side that is consecutively losing, believing it will win this time to balance the table.

Boost your Winning Possibilities with Side-bets

Aside from the regular bets, you can also take advantage of the side-bets. At 24betting, we offer four different types of side-bets with different payouts to help you win some extra cash. Even most of the side-bets we offer have higher payouts.

More, by placing side-bets, you’ll win at least a little amount, even when you’ll lose the regular bet. You can bet on the wild card, the color or suit of the card, or after how many cards the winning card will arrive.

Know the Game By-heart

All of these Andar Bahar game tips mentioned above are of no use if you don’t know how to play Andar Bahar. And that’s why we recommend learning the game thoroughly before you start to bet your money.

At 24betting, we have brief guides for Andar Bahar tricks and rules, the side-bets, and the probability of winning each bet. More, you can try the free Andar Bahar game as well to try out different strategies.

Choose the Right Site

With Andar Bahar getting so much hype, there’s an infinite number of online casinos offering you Andar Bahar at their site. But, not every site is worth risking your money and give you Andar Bahar game tips. You got to choose one that is authentic, trustworthy, and has a good reputation in the market.

24betting is a completely authentic and licensed casino, offering table game lovers with the best deals and bonuses. We provide our services 24/7 with quick withdrawal facilities.

Stick to Your Budget

This is the most important Andar Bahar strategy in the book. Anyone who’s playing Andar Bahar live must play responsibly. And it would be best if you pre-decide your budget and stick to it.

Live gambling is pretty fast-paced, giving you a little time to decide as what to do. So, it would be wise to know your limits and not exceed them.

Avoid any Cheats or Hacks

Do not mistake any cheating tricks with the Andar Bahar winning tricks. For instance, invisible ink on playing cards, marked decks, or poker analyzers are not winning hacks, and any site presenting cheats as winning tricks should be avoided.

Also, most of the time, these cheats won’t even work, and you lose a huge amount of money. So, you must know that such sites are just scams offering these cheats or software for their favors only.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Andar Bahar Tricks

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    Is there any trick to win Andar Bahar?

    Yes, here they are: to win at Andar Bahar, there are some tricks and strategies to increase chances of winning. Some of the most popular tricks include betting on the side where the game begins, using the Martingale strategy to double your bets after each loss, placing smaller bets to prolong your gameplay, making side bets on different outcomes, and knowing the game by heart. At 24betting, you can find out more about these tricks and strategies to improve your Andar Bahar gameplay and potentially increase your winnings.