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Even when Baccarat is a gambling table game of luck, common sense can help you win the game more often than luck. You can definitely improve your Baccarat online odds by using some strategies. Here’s your guide on how to win Baccarat. Also, keep in mind no matter what Baccarat strategy you’re going for, the house edge won’t change. So, choose the one keeping all aspects in mind.


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What is the Best Baccarat Pattern Strategy?

Here we’ve gathered some of the top Baccarat strategies and a comprehensive guide on how to win Baccarat online.

Following a Pattern

Even though Baccarat is a luck-based game, bettors go every way possible to move the odds in their favor. The highly used Baccarat strategy for this purpose is following a pattern. Let’s start from its basics and see what it means by following a pattern.

Well, a Baccarat pattern strategy is basically a history of recently played rounds that are displayed in the form of a grid card on your interface.

  • Red holes will indicate Banker
  • Blue holes will indicate Player
  • Green holes will indicate Tie

And by following the pattern you mean following the winning or losing streak. For instance, if a banker’s hand has a winning streak, bettors will attract towards it. But, one following the pattern will only go for the banker’s hand, if he sees that there still is a chance for the banker’s hand. Or else, he bet on the player’s hand to even out the odds. Sounds a little confusing? You’ll get to understand it more thoroughly with an example later.

The more important question that many ask instead of what does it mean by following a pattern is does it work? Our answer to this question is “maybe.” You see everyone is depending on the ‘what-if’ rule here. What if this strategy work or what if that strategy works. And anything that may even sound absurd to you can work for you if the lady luck is in your favor. So, why not go for it and check by yourself. Also, the following pattern is the highly used and successful Baccarat strategy so far.

So now, let’s explain the Baccarat pattern strategy with an example.

For instance, in the 11th round, if a banker has won 6 times and the player 4 times with a tie having won once, following the pattern you’ll see there’s still a chance for the banker’s hand for a couple of rounds. And so, you will bet on the banker for the next couple of times till the odds even out.

baccarat strategy

1-3-2-4 Baccarat Strategy

No doubt, this strategy is quite effective in Baccarat. It’s a positive progression strategy that is completely opposite to the popularly used Martingale strategy. Here, you will have to add more money upon winning a bet and start from the very beginning once you lose.

For sake of your understanding, let’s consider you bet $100 on the player’s hand. Now, if you win, you will have to follow the following pattern of 1-3-2-4, which is evolved from the previous one 1-3-2-6. Upon winning, bet $300 next time and $200 the following next time. But, if you lose a round after that, go back to your initial bet amount which was $100. This strategy will help you win more consistently, even if the winning payouts would be small.

Applying this strategy on either the banker or the player’s hand will have 50/50 odds. Let’s catch a glimpse of the tabular description of this strategy.

Now, the above table clearly indicates that if you lose a round, you will have to start again from your initial bet amount which is $100. So, even though it will pay you less, you’ll win money consistently.

Experts at 24betting suggest using this strategy for a couple of rounds only. For example, for up to 10 rounds maybe. After that, start fresh. This will also refresh your chances of winning more.

So, if you’re keen to keep your losses at a minimum, you should give this Baccarat strategy a go.

RoundBetOutcomeBalance ($)
11Win (+1)11
23Win (+3)14
32Win (+2)16
44Loss (-4)12
51Loss (-1)11
61Loss (-1)10
71Win (+1)11
83Win (+3)14
92Win (+2)16
104Win (+4)20

The Straightforward Strategies

House Way – As you know a player bet has a house edge of 1.24% which is pretty convenient than other betting options, house way strategy is based on this fact. You’ll keep betting on the player continuously for a winning profit. But, if you experience a few consecutive losses, we recommend chopping down to the banker’s bet and then switching back to your circle again.

Martingale Strategy – A strategy invented back in the 1700s is based on the negative progression system. It means double up your bet if you lose and start from the initial bet if you win.

For instance, if your first bet is 2000 INR and you lose consecutive two times, your next bet will be 4000 INR and 8000 INR respectively. But, once you win, go back to the same 2000 INR bet.

However, this Baccarat strategy is only for the high budget ones, as you need to risk a high amount of money for a single big win.

D’Alembert Strategy – It’s a form of Martingale strategy and was invented by a French Mathematician, Jean le Rond d’Alembert. He based the strategy on the basic equilibrium theorem, where you have to add up money after each loss and cut off after each win.

It’s a little different from the Martingale one, but there’s an advantage of it, as gamblers will not have to experience monetary swings in it.

However, you’ll make a marginal profit after 8 to 10 rounds instead of making a profit with each round. That means, if the odds are not in your favor, you might end up losing more than your stake amount. So, we will not recommend using this strategy quite often, especially when you’re low on budget.

Combining the Trifecta of Strategies for the Best Results

If you type in your search engine “how to win Baccarat,” you’ll have a world of pages claiming they know the best Baccarat pattern strategy for you. But, one thing we’ve seen over the years is no strategy is 100% successful or for everyone. Instead, the thing that matters is your lady luck.

So, professionals at 24betting carefully suggest Baccarat as a luck-based game. And you should not be carried away by the popular strategies or betting on the banker and player only. We recommend trying out every Baccarat strategy and in the end, choosing one that goes parallel with your luck.

Or if you’re experiencing consecutive losses, switch to the not so famous Baccarat strategies and see if that works for you. Another useful trick is to try out a combination of different strategies at a time. For instance, try Flat+ Pattern+ 1-3-2-4 strategy, as it is believed to yield the best results.

baccarat strategy

Is Counting cards will help

Though rarely used, card counting is still a helpful Baccarat strategy. It tilts the house edge in your favor to an extent. But, only if you’re mathematically an expert, because you will have to do a lot of additions and subtractions in your mind. Unlike Blackjack where you can use simple card counting systems with +1 or -1 units, Baccarat is a complex one.

Also, using card counting in Baccarat will extend your time on the game table as compared to the other Baccarat Pattern Strategies. And you will be able to win only a few dollars in hours. However, you can still use this cheeky strategy as an intermediate level gambler to hone your skills at Baccarat.

Counting cards while playing Baccarat online can still be called an effective Baccarat strategy because you can write your values to keep a record of them. This is contrary to the memorization system that you would have to use when you’re playing Baccarat in a brick-and-mortar casino.

The following table will help you to understand how many betting positions are there on a Baccarat table and learn to use the card counting system.

Also, read our guide for the Baccarat game rules to better apply the card counting system while playing.

Card ValuesTheir Action
Ace, 2 or 31
9, 10, King, Queen, or Joker0
5,7 or 8-1