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Slot games were basically originated from the garage back in the 1890s. And then, they became a popular pastime for the players. It is pretty enthralling and relaxing for the players when they hit a winning combination. And till this day, there’s a huge number of slot games you can play for both land-based and online casinos.

However, online casinos offer an edge of advantage over land-based casinos, because they offer more payouts comparatively. Also, online casino slots offer promotional bonuses and free spins as well.

The most famous online slots games are Rainbow Riches, Cleopatra, and Fluffy Favorites. So, you can say there’s a game for every vibe. And you’ll definitely find something that suits you.

Play these slot games at 24betting, because we offer immersive gameplay with HD graphics and a number of different types of slot games.

slots online
slots online

Types of Slots Online

There’s an infinite number of online slot games that vary from casino to casino. But, the most popular versions have remained the same throughout the years. Let’s talk about what are those.

5 reel slots – It’s a modified version of the traditional slot games where the developers have added more reels to the classic slot machines. And it has increased your odds of winning the game. 5 reel slots is now more thrilling and exciting with attractive graphics and high variance in the pay lines.

3 reel slots – It is one of the oldest versions of slot casino games with 3 reels to spin. But, despite its basic look and feel, it has remained the favorite of all due to its huge payouts. So, it is pretty thrilling, if you hit a jackpot in 3 reel slots.

Multi-Payline Slots – This version of the online slots games offers different chances of winning. So, unlike the traditional version of slot games, where you depend upon a single winning pattern, here, you’ll have a number of different payline opportunities (sometimes even 25!). More, this version is pretty rewarding in the case of free spins and other different features.

3D Slots – As the name indicates, these slots are the new generation of online slot machines with HD quality graphics and soundtracks. So, if you like to have a realistic experience of casino slots online, you should definitely try this version.

Mega spin slots – Are you willing to bet on a number of reels in a single spin, creating more chances of winning for you? With Mega spin slots, your chances of winning doubles, triple, or even more sometimes, when you’re playing several games on the same screen. This version gives you a big rush of adrenaline when you hit a jackpot.

Progressive slots – Here you maybe have to wait a little longer before you hit a jackpot. But, the rewards are worth the wait, because the winning amount keeps on increasing gradually by how many times you don’t hit a winning combination.

7 and 9 reel slots – Now you can play online slots with as many as 50 different symbols and 7 to 9 reel slots. With this addition in the number of reels, your winning chances automatically increases. And if there are three or more similar symbols in a pay line, you can enjoy bonus features as well, just like in the 5 reel slots.

Online Slots Developers

Following are the most popular online slots developers:

NetEnt is one of the most popular and re-known online casino game developers with high-quality casino solutions. It ticks all your boxes for a fun and convenient gaming experience. And it supports online slots games on mobile devices as well. NetEnt is famous for its popular progressive jackpot machines worldwide. More, it provides you with the best online slots payout percentage.

Microgaming has been in the field of casino software development for at least two decades now. And they have more than 600 online slots games available at their site. However, the software is compatible only with Microsoft Windows. And it is famously known for Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Thunderstruck II, and other such slots.

IGT are the largest supplier of online slot machines and software. Their famous slot games are Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly, and Star Trek.

EGT or Euro Games Technology are the online slot developers providing casino games to the world. They’re famous for the names of their slot machines.

Amatic is definitely the most iconic slot machine developer with almost 25 years of experience in the industry. Back in 2011, they started providing their services for the online casinos as well. And if you’re looking for an authentic gaming experience, Amatic is the one.

Playson offers the most innovative casino solutions with cutting-edge technology and a high-quality soundtrack. They provide value-adding features to online casinos.

JetX is mainly developed by Smartsoft Gaming and is the most innovative version. It allows you to win with a jet that flies as high as it can. Although the game may look like a typical video game, still the winning rewards will shock you.

Slot Machine Anatomy

A traditional slot machine is made of a number of different components, such as 3 reels, symbols of different fruits, a spin button, bet amount, and a paytable.

And even with the evaluation of the slot machines some reels and other features have been added into the game, the basic anatomy of a slot machine has remained somewhat the same. Following are the main ingredients of a slot machine.

Symbols are different theme-based signs that are present on vertical reels. And they spin vertically when you hit the spin button. To win, you need to create a pattern of similar symbols in a pay line.

Paylines are the winning combinations that go from left to right. And different games have different pay lines giving you more chances of winning.

Reels are the vertical slots present in a slot machine. And different symbols are presented on these reels. The reels spin vertically when you hit the spin button.

The spin button is present at the bottom of the slot machine in the very centre usually. It is what that starts the game. With the autospin option, the reels will spin after a specified time.

Slots Games Paylines

While getting familiar with the general terminology used in casino slots online, you’ll get to know about the word “Paylines.” And as the name indicates, it’s a line that refers towards your winning. This line is formed by the winning combination of similar symbols.

For the most classic versions of slot play, this pay line can be the horizontal or vertical pattern of similar symbols. However, in the most modern versions, the number of paylines has increased, increasing your chances of winning. The main types of pay lines are:

In a row which is the most traditional winning line, where there needs to be a straight row of similar combinations for a win.

Other than that, if your matching symbols are in a zig-zag pattern, or are forming a V-shape, or matching diagonally, it’s a win-win.

However, some slot games don’t use pay lines for a win. And their payout is decided based on the number of symbols on a reel.

row payline
v-shape payline
zig-zag payline

Online Slots Bonuses

If you’re looking to get some free bonuses while playing online slots games, 24betting is the best casino for that. Our expert developers have put deep research and analysis into creating the game more fun and rewarding for you. So, there’s a reward at each step. And you can enjoy some extra real money with our bonuses.

At 24betting, we offer different bonuses at different games. You can check for the latest promotions at the game you’re willing to play. This way you’ll know about the type of bonus we’re currently offering.

Some general bonuses that we offer include:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Quick Wins
  • And free spins

So, what are you waiting for? Join our Telegram channel the ‘ VIP Club‘ for exclusive promotions and daily bonus offers that are only available to the members of our VIP club.

Online Slots Features

Online slots offer some additional ways to win. These features include free spins, prize pickers, jackpot rounds, and respins, adding more fun and spice to the game. Here are the most interesting online slots features:

Free Spins:

You can enjoy free spins at an online slot site if you have enough scatters. This bonus feature allows you to win some extra rewards based on the number of scatters.

Prize Pickers:

This feature allows you to win bonuses based on bonus symbols that appear on the reels. And you can claim for the bonus by clicking on the bonus symbols. This feature opens a road to the other features even Jackpots.

Jackpot Rounds:

This feature allows you to win a Jackpot straight away, such as in the Prize Picker Round and Wheel of Fortune. However, this feature is only available with a few gaming slots.


You can trigger this feature with sticky symbols or it will pop out itself. A re-spin will allow you to win more money by re-spinning the reels. This feature was originally developed by the NetEnt developers.

Play online slots games at 24betting, because we know what you need! And we provide our regular players with a variety of paying methods, easy withdrawals, and quick wins. And above all, the safety of the site is unquestionable. So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself with 24betting, deposit your money and start gambling today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Slots

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    Can I Play Slots on Mobile?

    Yes, you can definitely play slots on mobile. Often, potential online casinos have this feature where their online slots games are available on mobile devices for all iPhone and Android sets. Also, at 24betting, we’ve customized our site for mobile devices. So now, you can play online slots conveniently from your handy device.

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    How Do Online Slots Work?

    Online slots are the most popular pastime casino games. And they work somewhat similar to the traditional land-based slot machines, where you hit the spin button and you win if a potentially winning combination comes out. On top of that, online slots games offer plus features, bonuses, and rewards that traditional casinos never had!

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    What Are Megaways Slots?

    Megaways are being referred to as the high variance slots. These slots work on a unique mathematical formula and have a random reel modifier that changes a number of symbols and pay lines appearing on every spin. So, it basically gives you 324 to 117, 694 winning chances between each spin, which is the highest winning opportunity out of all slots games.

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    Is There Any Strategy to Playing Slots?

    No, there is not any strategy involved in playing slots. The slot machine is based on Random Number Generators and the results are totally dependant upon luck. That’s why slots casino games are loved by all levels of players. So, you can never say that a slot game is played upon a skill or strategy.

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    What Is a Payline?

    A Pay line or a win line is a winning pattern of identical symbols that you’ll have after spinning the reels. Different games have different pay lines, including:

    A row
    A zig-zag pattern
    Diagonal pattern

    And then, you’ll be paid differently on different pay lines.

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    How Big Are Slot Machine Jackpots?

    Slot machine jackpots can be unbelievably huge. And that just doesn’t mean a profit of 2x, 3x, or even 10x. If you’re lucky enough to hit a big jackpot, then it can be as big as 50,000x to your wager amount!

    But, your chances of hitting a jackpot are random, maybe you’ll hit a big win two times in a row or never at all. It all depends upon luck.