Toss Prediction - Can We Predict Who Will Win the Toss Today?

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Just like other cricket betting options, live betting casinos provide betting on today IPL match toss win prediction as well. That means you can now bet on who will win the toss today’s IPL match. However, this prediction cannot be 100% accurate, and there’s a 50/50 chance of a win or a loss.

Any casino website claiming a 100% toss prediction isn’t worth trusting. Even the experts cannot tell you exactly who will win the toss today’s IPL match. But yes, you can predict just like everyone.

Then, if you’re lucky at prediction, you can earn some extra cash with these hidden skills of yours. Let’s read further to see what a IPL toss prediction is and the best toss prediction strategy. More, ahead we’ll help you analyze that toss is a crucial part of the game and at which type of match format it helps the best toss prediction the whole match.


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IPL Toss Prediction

What is the Cricket Toss?

Cricket toss is one of the oldest rituals of the match. A coin is being tossed in the air, and then it has 50/50 chances of landing either on heads or tails. And both the captains of opponent teams are present at the time of the toss, besides a referee and a TV presenter. The captain who will win the toss today in IPL will get to choose either his team will bat first or bowl first.

And a referee is there to make sure the toss is unbiased and accurate. After the toss is being done, the TV presenter has a little conversation with both team captains just to know how they’re looking forward to the game ahead. This also helps you get an insight into the winning strategies of both teams. However, if a team wins their cricket toss, that doesn’t mean they will also win the match.

But, most of the time, a team that wins the toss is predicted to win the match as well. And that’s because winning tosses will give an edge to the team and they will choose either they like to bat first or ball.

The Best Toss Prediction Strategy

You can predict who will win the toss today in IPL depending on the captains’ winning percentage stats and the overall history of the team. At 24betting, we recommend keeping around 10% or more of your budget for cricket toss prediction betting. The rest you can save for other IPL 2023 match betting as to who will win the game or who will score the highest fours.

T20 format winning toss prediction

An international study on the T20 format suggested that winning a IPL toss prediction provides an edge to the team to win the match. How?

  • Well, that’s because a match played on a 20 overs format is super quick, and most of the time, it depends on which team stays consistent in this format. For instance, if a team wins a toss and decides to bowl first, they will have to see how the pitch behaves and how many targets runs they have to hunt down.
  • Or else, if you’re not familiar with the pitch, there are chances you’ll spend time getting to know the area, and your overs will end, giving your opponent team a more minor score to chase.
  • Most of the time, toss-winning prediction teams in IPL prefer to bowl first and then chase down a target comfortably.
  • Moreover, a toss winning captain in ipl can decide either to bat first or not, depending on the weather conditions. Most of the Indian Premier League matches happen late at night, and when the weather cools down, the ball catches more moisture, resulting in a lousy grip. And eventually, batting second will provide you an edge over your opponent.
  • Also, the post-toss prediction gets easy if you know the pitch type, as you might have heard commentators say, “You can see the bowler doing well on a bowling pitch.” So, if it’s a bowling pitch, there are more opportunities for your bowlers to show their bowling skills.

Lastly, this type of betting is there for those gambling lovers who enjoy betting in a fun way. But do you think the importance of winning a toss changes with the type of match?

  • In T20 format, winning a toss isn’t that important as it is in a test match. The T20 is played with 20 overs, and both the teams are done playing their sides within a maximum of 4 hours. So, the pitch and the weather don’t change much. But, usually toss winning captains prefer bowling first.
  • ODI is a 50 overs match. And winning a toss is quite crucial in it. It is because the change in the weather and the expected deterioration of the pitch affect the gameplay. And so, the winning captain usually prefers to bat first because the pitch slows down later. But, if the match is happening later at night, the captain prefers its team to bowl instead. Or else, the dew will decrease the grip on the bowl later.
  • Unlike T20, which is the quickest cricket format, Test Match is the most extended format of cricket. It is played throughout five matches. And obviously, the weather and the pitch are expected to change over this time. That’s why, most of the time, the toss-winning captain in ipl prefers to bowl first. And later, when the grassy field has deteriorated, you’ll have more area to hit the balls.

Considering the weather conditions, the captain does need to check the weather of the coming days, on the basis of which they can decide either choosing to bowl first or bat.

Hence, among all the match formats discussed above, Test Match is the most crucial one. And predicting who will win the toss today IPL match is very important.

Will ICC Ditch the Toss:

IPL toss prediction is an integral part of the cricket match. But, since 2018, ICC has been considering ditching, the toss prediction. And then, the guest team will get to decide whether they want to bat first or bowl.
It is because there have been rumors that the host teams set the groundsman to lay the pitch in their favor. So, they get to win the toss later.
But, as toss predictions have been an essential part of the cricket game, ICC continues to make it part of the game.

Toss Win Percentage of IPL 2022

The below presented data is from the IPL 2022. But, you cannot completely rely on a toss win percentage of a captain. Don’t trust such myths that if a captain is continuously winning the previous match tosses, he will win his next toss anyways. Also, there’s no such thing as the one who will win the toss today IPL will win the match as well.

CaptainTeamWin Percentage
Faf du PlessisRCB50.0
Shreyas IyerKKR57.1
KL RahulLSG46.6
Rishabh PantDC57.1
Rohit SharmaMI64.2
Hardik PandyaGT62.5
Sanju SamsonRR23.5
Ravindra Jadeja/MS DhoniCSK42.8
Mayank AgarwalPBKS28.5
Kane Williamson/Bhuvneshwar KumarSRH71.4

Toss Win Percentage of IPL 2023 

CaptainTeamWin Percentage
Faf du PlessisRCBwill be updated
Shreyas IyerKKRwill be updated
KL RahulLSGwill be updated
Rishabh PantDCwill be updated
Rohit SharmaMIwill be updated
Hardik PandyaGTwill be updated
Sanju SamsonRRwill be updated
MS DhoniCSKwill be updated
Shikhar DhawanPBKSwill be updated
Aiden MarkramSRHwill be updated

How to Predict IPL Toss?

Even though the best toss prediction an IPL toss is a 50/50 chance. Each captain has a toss-winning opportunity equal to their opponent player. And there’s nothing like that; if a player’s been losing his last tosses, he will lose this time as well.

Still, you can use different match stats for your best toss prediction. For instance, you can use the comprehensive history of the team throughout the season and the toss-winning IPL cricket betting odds of the captain.

As they say, Virat Kohli has a much lower IPL toss winning captain percentage than Rohit Sharma. Then maybe, he will lose the toss this time as well. But, we’re repeating again that no strategy for the 100 percent IPL match prediction accurate. You never know if this time Virat will win the toss.

However, if you’re good at today’s IPL toss prediction, you can also predict who will win, as it has been seen from the previous record that winning the toss gives an edge to the team for winning the match. They can decide what will suit them to win the game depending on their opponent’s strength, weather condition, and pitch type.

In conclusion, IPL toss prediction depends entirely on chance and if your fluke works, then well and good.

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