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Life bored us all the time and we are always looking for something interesting. What else can be more entertaining than roulette games? But not just roulette games but free roulette games. So, if you enjoy doing gambling then join 24betting live casino. With this platform, you have the free opportunity to play different online roulette games for fun in India. Moreover, both free roulette games and real money roulette work in the same way. They both have the same random number wheel as you’ve seen in the live casinos. Also, fun roulette online roulette allows you to play without risking money. That’s why today we will share everything you need to know about online roulette for fun in India. So, are you ready for some fun?

How to Play Free Roulette Games Online

Do you know that roulette for fun is the easiest online casino game to play? You can download the roulette online game for free. Follow the simple steps and make your bet. The only task that you’ve to do is correctly guess where the ball will land on a roulette wheel. And the correct guess makes you win the free online roulette game. The latter will get better as you play roulette games more often. Moreover, you’ve to follow rules for each type of free online roulette game. Don’t worry as this guide will tell you about the rules and steps of playing roulette free.

Rules of the Free Roulette game

The rules of the roulette-free games are as simple as the game itself. So when you go to the live casino to play roulette game online free you follow these rules:
  • Firstly, you select which roulette game for fun you want to play
  • Then you enter into roulette gambling.
  • Next, you make a bet and place a chip on the roulette table.
Then you’ve to wait for the ball to stop at your chip in the roulette wheel. These rules of real money roulette games follow into the game of free online roulette exactly. Remember to use Flash if required by your free online roulette games on the desktop to play freely without any buffering. However, your main goal while playing roulette online for free is to predict rightly where the ball will go and to win more games. Moreover, a free roulette game depends on your luck but you can switch different types of bets to influence your results.
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Play Mobile Online Roulette

If you can not risk your money or visit lavish casinos due to lack of time then playing online roulette free on your mobile is your go-to option. Furthermore, real casinos offer a complex setting and require experience to win a roulette game. Whereas online fun roulette on your mobile provides less easy gaming options and winning a roulette game online on a phone requires no experience nor you’ll lose money. In addition, the basic layout of free online roulette tables on mobile offers you HD quality and real-time effects. So, mobile roulette serves you the best gaming experience. Many game developers are shifting towards mobile roulette due to their easy accessibility and demand in the gaming industry. That’s why you’ll find tons of mobile roulette games on app stores these days. Developers want to produce free roulette games that offer the latest technology, innovative graphics, and updated features to gamers like you. Playing online roulette games on PC and desktop carries your space and needs time to fix many connections. The latter compared to mobile roulette turns out to be an outdated and extensive process. That’s why we recommend you to choose online mobile roulette because you can play these games on all devices. Moreover, online mobile casinos give you the best gameplay, are user-friendly and provide hassle-free gambling. The extra benefit of playing roulette online games on your smartphone is that these games are easily available. So if you are an android and iPhone user, both offer you the roulettes games on their app stores. So grab your phone, download the free roulette online game and play them for free.

Roulette Systems and Strategies

If you are playing roulette for real money or playing roulette for fun through online gaming. Remember in both cases, there are many variations of roulette games. For instance, you can place outside bets, inside bets, or called bets. The latter one is a part of live casino roulette. However, for whomever variation of fun roulette game you are playing, you can win that game by using a roulette strategy. So, there are many strategies in online roulette. That’s why we are listing the common online roulette strategies down below:
  • Martingale
  • Fibonacci
  • d’Alembert
  • Labouchere
  • The James Bond Roulette Strategy
Let’s discuss these strategies in detail, one by one.


The Martingale roulette strategy works on the idea that you are going to win a game of free online roulette after losing it. So, the rules of the martingale strategy are easy. Once you’ve lost a game of fun roulette, you’ve to double the amount in the next bet. That’s why even if you are losing continuously, one win of an online roulette game can give you the wholesome payout. So if you are thinking of using a martingale strategy in roulette online casinos then be ready to spend money. Start your roulette game with a low minimum bet, it’ll cause you to less money. However, eventually, by using the martingale strategy you’re going to win a high minimum bet.


The Fibonacci strategy is among the safest tricks to use in free roulette online games. So if you are cautious about losing a game then go with this strategy. The Fibonacci roulette strategy works on the principle of the popular Fibonacci sequence. This sequence contains numbers that are the addition of two earlier numbers. Look at them: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233-377-610-987 Use this roulette strategy on even bets only. As the latter have the winning odds of 50%. You have won the first bet on the starting number before moving to the further sequence. For instance, start with a low minimum bet, win the first free online roulette game. Next, increase stake by one then by two, and so on to win more games.


If Martingale’s strategy seems risky to you then you must use d’Alembert online roulette strategy. This strategy asks you to multiply your stake by one rather than two after losing a game of fun roulette. That’s why the d’Alembert strategy puts you at a lower risk of losing a bet than other strategies. Also, this strategy increases your chances of winning an online roulette game.


The Labouchere roulette strategy is complex and pushes you to change your sequence after every win or lose. That’s why to use this strategy with bets with a 50% win chance such as outside bets. So, to implement the Labouchere system, write any sequence. For instance, look at this sequence: 1-2-3 In the Labouchere system, your profit depends on the sum of your sequence. In your case, it’s 6 USD. However, to make a bet, put a stake by adding the first and last number of your sequence. In this example, it’s 4 USD. So, if you win your first bet, remove the starting and ending number of your sequence. Your sequence looks like this: -2- And if you lose your fun roulette bet, then add the stake amount at the end of this sequence. 1-2-3-4 The same rules apply to all bets. And Labouchere gives you a 50% win rate. But practice before using this system.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

If you play online free roulette games for a short time then the James Bonds strategy suits you the best. You’ve to play with the multiple of 200 USD after every bet. Also, just remember these three bets to apply the James Bond roulette strategy. Place the first bet on a number between 19-36 for 140 USD. Then make a second bet on a number between 13-18 for 50 USD. Finally, put your last bet on single zero for 10 USD. This strategy works every time because it offers you a success rate of 66% for winning the online roulette game for free. And can give you a satisfying payout in a short time.

The Legality of playing Free Roulette in India

As an Indian, you may have this question in your mind whether playing free roulette in India is legal or not. In our perspective, Indian laws do favor certain forms of gambling but not all. So, if you are playing any game such as rummy that is skill-based then it’s legal in India. But if you are playing any gambling games that require luck to win the payout then it’s illegal. However, gambling in casinos is legal in the state of Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. Moreover, The Public Gambling Act 1867 states that if you are running a public gambling house or being a part of it in any sense then the Indian law will charge you for guilty. Also, you have to pay a fine of ₹200. Furthermore, the law can put you in jail for 3 months. In addition, this law states that visiting a casino in India is also illegal. The latter can cause you the penalty of ₹100 and imprisonment for one month. But the good news for you is that free online roulette playing doesn’t come under this law. Moreover, this law won’t prohibit you from playing free online roulette games. However, the gambling site must be operated from outside of India. The only issue you will find is the deposit of the winning payout. That’s why I use Moneybookers or Neteller before playing online roulette in India. So, if you are looking for reliable online casinos in India. We will suggest you thoroughly read the reviews and opinions of other roulette players before choosing any fun roulette online casino. Also, always select an online roulette server that is offering you a bonus amount after registration. So you can enjoy your online roulette free games without any hassle.

Online Roulette Variations

The advancement of free online roulette games makes them very easy to play and access from around the world. Moreover, these days online roulette offers you more variation than real money roulette casinos. Also, many online roulette variations are available that you can play for free, without investing a single penny. That’s worth giving a chance. Following is the list of free online roulette variations. They are:
  • Lightning Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • Mini Roulette
  • Multi Ball Roulette
  • Multi Wheel Roulette
  • Live Dealer Roulette
  • So let’s discuss them in detail, one by one.

European Roulette

If we said that European roulette online is the best online roulette to play then it is not wrong. This variation offers you a bet between the numbers 1 to 36. Moreover, the European roulette wheel has red or black areas and columns in it.

However, the biggest advantage of European roulette is that it has only a single zero which increases your chance of winning a payout, as this variation offers the lowest house edge of 2.7 %.

American Roulette

Playing an American roulette game gives you the classic vibe of being in a live roulette casino. This variation gives you the same gaming option as given by the European Roulette. The only exception in American Roulette is that it has double zero rather than a single that increases the house edge to 5.26%.

That’s why winning a game of American roulette needs experience and gambling skills. However, this variation also offers you a larger payout to play more games.

French Roulette

If we said that a French roulette online game is the safest roulette to play then it’s correct. This variation works the same in the pattern of European roulette. But it offers you some special insurance bets such as La Partage and En Prison.

The latter refund you half portion of your money even if your ball lands on the zeros. That’s the best policy among all online roulette variations.

Mini Roulette

This variation in the online roulette game is quite new and exotic because it doesn’t offer you 36 pockets as previously done by European and American roulette. But it has a small wheel which only comprises 13 pockets. The latter gives you a whole new gaming experience that differs from conventional gambling.

Live Dealer Roulette

This variation has a separate fan base among gamblers. As live dealer roulette allows you to place bets online through the internet. But you can watch a dealer on your screen in real-time.

That’s why it offers you the real game of roulette. Because the bets you make on your devices transfer to the roulette table in the live casino. That’s the magic of live dealer roulette.

Roulette for Free or Real Money?

If you find confusion when choosing between free or real money roulette then this section is specially written for you. We have summarized why free roulette is superior to real money in the table below.

After comparing both pros and cons of online free roulette and real money roulette, we have concluded that the benefits of free roulette games outweigh real money roulette. And that’s why we will suggest you start your gambling journey with online roulette to gain experience.

Free Online RouletteReal Money Roulette
Free money does not risk you losing money as betting limits are high most of the time.You can lose a wholesome amount of money in real money roulette but you can also earn large payouts.
Online free roulette games increase your knowledge of roulette gambling.Real money roulette gives you the experience of gambling at the risk of losing your cash.
You can rate the online free casinos based on the customer service they provide.Real money casinos offer you a bonus every time which is very useful to initiate gambling.
Some online casinos give you the bonus amount when you are playing for free to provide a real-time experience.Real money roulette offers you to test withdrawal and payment options which sometimes may scam you.
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Online Roulette for Fun in India FAQs:

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Can I play a free roulette game without signing up?

    Yes, you can. Many online casinos offer you to play free roulette games without signing up. Moreover, they won’t ask you for your personal and bank info. So you can start playing roulette instantly.

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    Can I play free roulette without a deposit?

    You don’t have to place a deposit while playing free roulette as this type of roulette doesn’t require real money for gambling. But if you want real money roulette then you have to deposit funds into your online gaming account for placing roulette bets.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Is free roulette different from real money roulette?

    Both free roulette and real money roulette offer you the same gameplay and enjoyment. However, free online casinos don’t offer you money, it’s the roulette for fun. Whereas real money roulette includes the risk and thrills of winning or losing money.

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    Are all variations of free roulette available?

    Yes, you can find all variations of online free roulette such as European roulette, American roulette, Mini roulette on many casino websites. However, to play a safe game start with French roulette to win your first bet.

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    Will I have to download any software to play free roulette?

    If you want to play an instant roulette game then head over to your browser to play a hassle-free game without downloading. But if you want online roulette with better graphics and gameplay then you download an online casino App. The latter will require a strong data connection and storage place.

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    Why play roulette online for free?

    Free games offer you to train yourself at roulette gambling without investing any real money. That’s why to apply different strategies and bets in online roulette to gain experience to enter the world of gambling.

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    Can I play free roulette for real money?

    Unfortunately, you can’t. To win real money you have to play real roulette games and have to place real money on bets. However, free roulette casinos give free bet bonuses that allow you to save the winnings of your games but that’s very rare.

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    Where can I find the best casinos that offer free roulette?

    You can play free roulette at 24betting casinos to gain a whole new experience of gambling. However, many sites provide you with free roulette with different interfaces and gameplay.

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    Can I play free roulette on mobile devices?

    You can play free roulette games instantly on your mobile browser for free without downloading. Moreover, many online roulette games are accessible on both android and iPhone play stores but they need downloading.