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Teen Patti is played as a sacred game in India and is also played worldwide because of its simple rules. More, it is an excuse for socializing. The game gets even more comfortable and fun if you play it in some online casino.

Here’s our documented guide for how to play online 3 Patti real money, its rules, procedure, sequences, and variations.

3 Patti Rules

Though Teen Patti game is pretty simple, still there’s a set of rules that you must know to win this game. Below we’ve listed a brief intro to the rules that are required to kick start the game and to increase your skills you can learn 3 patti game tricks.

The game is only played between 3-6 players, including the dealer.

  • Cards are dealt face down to each player.
  • If you decide to play as a seen player, you must put an amount double or 4x your ante amount.

(Note: if a player before you is a blind player, you must bet an amount 4x to your ante amount).
If you’re playing as a blind player, you can put an amount equal to or half of your ante amount.

(Note: if a player before you is a seen player, you can only choose to bet an amount half to your ante amount).
A blind player cannot request a showdown.

  • You can choose to see your cards at any step in the game, but then, you have to play according to the rules of a seen player, which includes playing chaal.
  • You can only deny a sideshow thrice. After that, you have to show your cards.
  • Each bet is placed in even numbers.
  • The game is only played on the equality basis. For instance, if you put 4 coins in the pot and the player before you put 8, you have to put an extra of 8 coins, excluding those you’ve already placed.
  • At any point, if you decide to fold your cards, your placed bet will be confiscated.

3 Patti Card Game Procedure

This game can be played between 3-6 players using a total of 52 cards, excluding joker. While playing the game online, you choose a 3-card game table, and all players decide a specific ante amount that is to be placed in the pot. After adding a stake amount in the pot, the game begins.

Each player will be dealt by the dealer with 3 cards face down. It is up to you to either keep playing blind or see your cards. But remember, after having seen your cards, you have to follow some specific 3 Patti rules.

Now the next step is to either raise or call your cards. Or you can fold as well. At 24betting, we suggest raising your card if you’re confident enough about the sequence. Well, raising your card means you choose to continue the game by placing a bet that is double your ante amount.

In contrast, you can choose to call your card, which means continuing the game by placing a bet equal to your ante amount.

And if you choose to play this magnificent card game at 24betting, you’ll have a sneak peek into our experts’ guide for the tips and tricks to help you pro the game. For instance, if you’re only playing for fun and don’t know much about the game, we suggest playing it in the easy mode. More, if you find out your cards are not strong enough for you to win the game, you can fold your cards at the very beginning and save yourself from losing much.

3 Patti card game ends with a sideshow. Both the players that are left at the end will show their cards, and the one with the highest hand ranking will win. Now you know how to play in Teen Patti and you can try your skills in an online casino in India and win.

Teen Patti Sequence

3 Patti Sequence means your best combination of 3 cards. And if you want to pro this game, it is vital to know all 3 Patti rankings by heart.

What’s more, knowing these sequences will help you understand your position in the game at any point. In general, aces or trio is the highest Teen Patti sequence while 2s are the lowest.

Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti has many variations. In fact, it has a type for every tongue of taste. Either you want to win with low rankings (Muflis), or you wish to enjoy some wild cards (Joker Cards), Teen Patti has it all.

At 24betting, we offer you to play the most popular 3 Patti order, such as:

  • Muflis
  • AK47
  • 10x Boot
  • Maatha999
  • 4x Boot
  • Kiss-Miss-Bliss
  • Kissing Missing
  • Closest to 555
  • Banko
  • Joker Hunt
  • High-Low Split
  • Faceoff
  • 3-2-1
  • 1942 Love Story