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Teen Patti is a card game that you can play for real money. It is most popularly played in India and South Asia. This Poker variant has many 3 Patti variations aside from a classic Teen Patti version.

At 24Betting, you can play 3 Patti Online. We have spiced up the game for you with a number of Teen Patti variations. The following guide will help you recognize your taste and give you complete detail of the most famous 3 Patti variations played all over the world.


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3 patti variations


Mufliss is one of the Teen Patti variations and is close to the traditional version of Teen Patti. The rules are the same. It’s just that in this variation, a player with the lowest card will win instead of the highest. And that is why muflis is also known as a Lowball variation.

For example, if a player has an A-A-A hand in these 3 Patti variations and a player B has a 5-4-8 hand, the latter will win with the lowest card sequence.

And if you’re a newbie, these variations in 3 Patti are a perfect fit for you. It’ll help you enjoy the game even at losses and will make you understand the basic strategies required to win Teen Patti.

At the end of the day, whether you get a lower hand or a higher sequence, Mufliss is a good variations in Teen Patti to enjoy the game casually.


If you’re new to the game and want to enjoy some 3 Patti variations other than the traditional version, Joker is the one you’re looking for. It’s fun, and almost everyone loves it.

The rules are similar to the Teen Patti Gold; just wild cards are a new addition. Here’s how you play this variant.

In Teen Patti Joker, after 3 cards have been dealt with each player, the dealer then randomly picks a card from the deck and nominates it as a wild card. Every other card in the deck with the same rank/number/strength is then a wild card.

If you get a wild card, you can substitute it with a card of your choice to make a strong winning hand. The wild card is also called the joker card.

Teen Patti Variations


The name may symbolize a weapon, but it is actually a code. Likewise Teen Patti Joker version, in AK47, you have a wild card, 4 this time. All of the Aces, Kings, 4s, and 7s are wild cards. And therefore, it is even more fun than Joker. You can replace these wild cards with any of the suits or ranks of your choice.

For example, if you have a Teen Patti hand with A-4-7, you can make a sequence of 3 Aces with it, which is a potential win.


Auction is a unique 3 Patti variations and it is most popularly played in casinos in India. In this Teen Patti variation, 2 piles of 3 cards each are placed on the table for auction. A player with the highest bid will win these cards.

How you play the Auction 3 Patti Variations:

After the cards have been dealt, the dealer places two piles of 3 cards on the table, and each player has to make a bid before the game starts.

If a player thinks his sequence is strong, he can choose not to bid. In each pile, two cards are placed face down, and 1 is placed face up. Each face-up card is a wild card, and any player having that card can replace it with a strong hand.


In this Teen Patti variation, you can win the game even with a different hand ranking. All you need is a card sequence closer to 999. Also, in this 3 Patti variation, you can swipe the cards to make a sequence of your choice.

For instance, if a player has a hand of 9-0-5, he can swipe the cards to make a sequence of 9-5-0, which is closer to 999. Ultimately, if no one has a sequence closer to 9-9-9, then your hand will win.

In these variations in 3 Patti, any suit is irrelevant, and your rank will translate to a number. For example, J, K, Q equals 0. Moreover, the number 10 is also equal to 0 in this variation. While an ace is equal to 1. Any other numbers from 2-9 are the same, irrespective of their suit.

4x Boot

4x Boot in 3 Patti is a casual play. The rules and the mode of play are the same; just the boot money is 4x the usual boot amount. And ultimately, you’ll have a chance to win a fat pot.

How you play 4x Boot:

Well, there’s nothing unusual in 4x Boot. All 4x Boot in 3 Patti rules are similar to the traditional game that you play at home. And if you know the rules by heart, you already know this variation. The only difference is that you place a bet 4x than a standard boot amount.

4x Boot is highly played among Indian high rollers giving them a chance to win a bigger pot. Also, the pot gets filled faster than the normal speed.


The number of steps you need to do in this Teen Patti variation might get you overwhelmed. But, you can get a grip over it with practice. Let’s unfold this variation to you.

In Kiss-Miss-Bliss, you’re dealt with 5 cards instead of 3. And you have to form a joker with two cards. Keep in mind, you can only form one joker in each round, and if you miss forming a joker, you’ll have to discard any two cards of your choice (keeping the best).

The three jokers that you can form are:

  • Bliss: It is a pair of two same numbers, such as 3-3 or 8-8.
  • Kiss: It is a pair of two consecutive numbers, such as 7-8 or 3-4.
  • Miss: It is a pair of two numbers with one missing in the sequence, such as 3-5.

And after forming a joker, you have to discard one card of your choice, leaving 2 regular cards and a joker.

Kissing Missing

Kissing Missing is somewhat like Kiss-Miss-Bliss. The difference is that you’re given 4 cards, 2 normal cards, and 2 for the joker pair.

In this variant, you can only form two joker cards, either a kiss or a miss. And if you fail to do so, you have to discard one card. Ultimately, you’ll be left with normal 3 cards only. And then, the game continues as usual, except now everyone is playing chaal as they have seen their cards already.

Closest to 555

This 3 Patti variation is a little related to 999, just a bit different. Unlike 999, in this variant, you can get a value even higher than 555 or a value lower than 555; it just needs to be closer. For example, you can have 545 or 445.

The other difference is the value of A, which was 1 in the 999 version. It is 0 in this Teen Patti variation. All other values are similar to the 999.

Another thing, you have a chance to exchange any one of your cards with a card from the pack during the first 2 rounds of the game. But, keep in mind, you can only exchange a card once in each round.

Now, if you see a player choosing not to exchange his card, don’t be quick to judge or fall into the trap. The player can be anything, a strong hand or just a bluff. All in all, it’s a game of knowing odds. In any variation of the game you can use Teen Patti tips to improve your skills.


It’s a 1 to 1 variations in Teen Patti game, where you play against the dealer when it is your turn, even though other players are playing. Banko highly depends upon chance and intelligence. You need to read the dealer’s mind somehow. And you can get better at it with experience and practice.

How you play Banko:

In the Banko version of the game, every player, at its turn, will play against the dealer. The dealer will place 3 cards in front of the player with 2 cards face up and 1 card face down. You need to bet on the card that is face down. And if your prediction turns out correct, you’ll win.

For example, there are two cards, 3 and 8. Now, you need to bet if the 3rd card number is somewhere between these two cards or not. Let’s say it’s 4, and you get it right. It’s a win. You have earned an amount twice than your bet placed. That amount will stay in the pot until only 1 player is remaining. The player that is left at the end will win the whole pot.

Joker Hunt

In this Teen Patti variant, you hunt for the three joker cards that are left at the end of the two consecutive rounds. Here’s how to play these variations in 3 Patti.

After dealing 3 cards to each player, the dealer will place some cards face up in the middle of the table. And the number of these cards is twice the number of players plus 3 extra cards.

For example, if there are 6 players, the dealer will place 15 cards in the middle of the table. (6×2+3=15)

Then, each player will exchange one of their card with a card placed face up in the middle, turn wise. This changing and discarding continue for two consecutive rounds until 3 cards are left at the table. Every player in this 3 Patti variation will use these leftover cards as joker cards, and the game will follow a traditional process.

variations in 3 patti

High-Low Split

This Teen Patti variant rewards both a player with a high ranking hand and a player with a low ranking hand.

First, the players decide the number of betting rounds which is usually around 6 to 10. And after the decided rounds, there’s a showdown between all the remaining players. Unlike traditional Teen Patti, there can be more than two players at the time of showdown. And no player is allowed to fold before 3 rounds.

After the showdown, the pot is divided equally into two, and two players are rewarded, the one with the highest hand and the other with the lowest hand, respectively.

Note that no sideshows are allowed in High-Low Split.


If you know all the rules for traditional Teen Patti games, playing Faceoff is super easy for you. This 3 Patti variation is made for a quick game with a fewer number of players.

A maximum of 20 cards are used in this play, with all numbers from 2-9 being removed from the pack. So, it is easy to make a Teen Patti sequence fast.

In Faceoff, a player with an A-K-Q sequence wins. And the lowest sequence is Q-J-10.


The name of the Teen Patti variation depicts the number of rounds and hands in this game. Players have to make three hands in 3-2-1, and they must compete for three consecutive rounds. It’s one of the longest game variants of Teen Patti, which ends with a big pot. Here’s how you play Teen Patti in 3-2-1.

All players are given 6 cards instead of 3, and they have to make three hands out of these cards.

  • First hand with 3 cards.
  • Second with 2 cards.
  • And third with a single card only.

So, in the first round, you play with 3 cards, and the game follows the usual Teen Patti rules. A player with the highest sequence in 3 Patti out of all will win.

While, in the second round, a player with a pair will win, followed by a win in the third round only if you have a high card.

At the end of this game, the pot will be given to a player who won at least 2 rounds out of three. Otherwise, the game will restart again.

1942 Love Story

This variation in Teen Patti is purely for Indian Teen Patti fans. During the game, speaking Hindi only is a strict rule. And if any player is found speaking English, he must fold.

More, 1942 is the code in this variant. Cards with 1, 2, 4, and 9 numbers irrespective of their suit are jokers. And a player can replace his card if he has any one of these jokers to make a stronger hand.

For example, if a player has Teen Patti sequence K-J-2, it can be replaced to form a high-rank sequence.

2 cards open

It’s a version of 3 Patti where players have been dealt 3 cards, out of which 2 cards are open, and only one is closed. That means there’s no choice of playing blind or seen. You have to play your side without seeing the 3rd card.

And for a sideshow, the dealer will not participate in the game; he’ll look at the cards of both the players and will decide the winner. All other rules of the game are similar to the traditional Teen Patti Game.

For example, a player is given 5-Hearts, 3-Diamonds, and an unseen card (J-Spade). He will have to keep playing till the end without seeing his card.


Cobra is a short version of Teen Patti, and it is also known as Maatha. It follows a single round where each player is given a single face-down card.

The fun in the game begins when you put an agreed amount in the pot and then place that one card on your maatha. You will not be able to see your card, but other players and the dealer can see it.

How to win Teen Patti variation of Cobra? The player with the highest card will win the pot. It is pretty intriguing as you cannot fold once you get into the game.

For example, if four players are playing and one player gets a 4, the other 5, the third one gets Jack, and the fourth one gets an Ace. The player with an Ace will win the game.


Wild Draw is a simple variations in Teen Patti game where players are given a wild card face up. And they can exchange their wild card of the same rank with a card of their choice.

Before the game begins, each player adds an agreed amount into the pot. And then, you can request a replacement of the card 3 times in each round. But, for every replacement, you have to pay an amount equal to the bet amount previously placed in the pot.

For instance, if your sequence is 4♡-4♤-K, you can replace your last card and aim for a stronger sequence.

Wild Draw

Wild Draw is a simple variant of the Teen Patti game where players are given a wild card face up. And they can exchange their wild card of the same rank with a card of their choice.

If you’re new to this game and wants to try some favor in Teen Patti, Wild Draw is what you’re looking for. All of the remaining rules are the same in this variation.

For example, you’re given a wild card of K♤. Now, you can replace your K♤ card with a card of your choice to make a strong hand. But, you can only do this once.


You can say community Teen Patti variation is an alternative version of 2 cards open. Here you’ll be given 3 cards with 2 face-down cards and an open card. This open card is called a community card, as anyone can see it.

There’s a second version of this game as well, where players are given five cards; out of these, 3 cards are face up and 2 face-down cards. This is followed by a selection of 2 face-up cards out of three and 1 face-down card out of 2 to create their normal sequence of 3 cards. And then, the game follows the usual path.

Another plus point that attracts players to this 3 Patti variation is the placement of three community cards as wild cards in the middle of the table. Players can replace these wild cards with cards of their choice if they want.

High Wild

It’s a Teen Patti variation that makes your high card a wild card. This presence of wild cards or jokers in a Teen Patti game makes it attractive and an easy mode game for the rookies. High Wild is usually played when you just want to lay back, relax, and socialize without having a sense of competition.

In this variant, any card of the lowest value is your wild card that means every player has a different wild card. And you can replace that card to make a strong hand.

For example, a player has a sequence of 9-9-2. Here 2 is your wild card, and you can replace it to form a Trio (a potential win).


The temperature variant is an extended version of the In-Out Teen Patti game, which is explained ahead in this article.

However, except for the similar dealing of 3 cards and placement of three wild cards in the middle of the table, another card is placed on the table, which is called the Temperature card. This hot variation on Teen Patti will decide the win or loss in the game. But, it will be placed after the players have decided either to stay in the game or not.

Based on this Temperature card, the results will be declared. For example, if this temperature card is between A and 6, a lower Teen Patti sequence will win. But, if this card is between 7 and K, a higher sequence will win.

teen patti variations

Buying Jokers Seen and Unseen

Here you have a choice to buy Joker cards twice, first seen and second unseen.

For instance, after the cards have been dealt, it is your choice to either play blind or seen. But, you’re given an option to turn one of your cards into a joker card that will be placed face up in the middle of the table. All you have to do is to bit for that joker card.

In the next round of this Teen Patti variation, you’ll be given an opportunity to buy an unseen joker card from your opponent player. Here you’ll have to pay double, as you’ll be paying an agreed amount to the player and placing that amount in the pot as well.

Once you’ve bought joker cards, they’ll be retained for the rest of the game. And the game will flow with the same traditional rules.


In this variant of Teen Patti, a player will decide either he’s in the game or not after seeing the wild cards. Here’s how you play the In-Out variation.

First, an agreed ante amount is placed in the pot by each player. And then, the dealer will give 3 cards to everyone, which is followed by a display of 3 face-up cards in the middle of the table.

Now, it is all up to each player either he wants to stay in the game or not. If a player chooses to be out of the game, his cards will replace the wild cards, and his placed bet will be fortified.

But, if the player chooses to stay in the game to continue this 3 Patti variation, he’s required to put his 2nd round of bet, which is equal to or twice the ante amount placed before. And if the player is playing chaal, he must place a bet 2x or 4x the ante amount.

And at the end, a player who will successfully form a strong sequence using that wild card option will win.

Odd Sequence

In this variant, you need an odd 3 Patti sequence to win instead of a sequence or pure sequence.

For example, usually, for a strong hand, you need a sequence of three consecutive cards, such as J-Q-K or 3-4-5. But, in odd sequence, you can win with a hand of 2-4-6. The other rules are similar to the traditional Teen Patti game.

Folding Joker

In this variation of Teen Patti Joker, after the cards have been dealt to all the players, another extra card is given face down to each player. This 4th card will be placed aside, and the player will play with 3 cards first.

One of their three cards is a joker card for all the players. And every player must show their joker card to everyone.

Now, if a player packs, his unseen card will also become a joker card for everyone.

For example, a player has 4-Diamond, 3-Hearts, 8-Spades, and an unseen card (5-hearts). Now, if 8-Spades is a joker card, then when the player folds his 5-Hearts will also become a joker card to all the players.

King Little

Here in the 3 Patti variation of King Little, the players are dealt 3 cards as normal, and all Kings are jokers. Additionally, the weakest card in your sequence is also a joker. So, you have a maximum chance of a win in this game, as getting a King is normal.

For example, if you have a hand of Q-K-2, you can replace your K and 2 to make a Trio of Q-Q-Q.

Pack Jack

The rules in Pack Jack are similar to the classic Teen Patti. All players will be dealt 3 cards as usual. Except, three joker cards will be placed on the table that applies to all players.

And likewise, In-Out variant of the Teen Patti game, a player that packs his cards will replace the old joker cards. It’s a fun version of Teen Patti, and the game becomes quite predictable once a player folds because now you have an idea of the hands left with all other players.

For example, if a player has 3-hearts, 8-Diamonds, and 2-spades. Now, when he folds, his cards will become the new joker cards. The rest of the game is a classic Teen Patti game.

Discard One

Discard One is 3 Patti variation where you have to discard any one of your cards. But a little differently. Here you will be given 4 cards instead of 3, and you have to choose a sequence of your choice. Then, the card that you think is of no use to you, you can discard it.

For example, you’re given A-J-K-4. You can discard 4 to make a stronger sequence. And as you’ve your cards now, from the next round, you’ll be playing chaal. The rest of the game follows the same typical rules of Teen Patti.

One-Eyed Jack

In this variant of Teen Patti, you will be given three cards. And all cards of one eye are wild cards, such as Jack of Hearts and Jack of Spade. All other Jacks, such as Jack of Diamonds and Jack of Clubs, will be treated as normal cards because they have two eyes.

Except for this one rule of the game, all other rules are the same. For example, you have a sequence of 4♤-J♡-4♤, you can replace your J♡ to make a stronger sequence.


In stud variation, the players are dealt 3 cards each, 2 cards face down, and 1 card face up. The 2 face-down cards are called full cards. While 1 face-up card is called a street card, as everyone can see it. The rest of the game is the same as the traditional Teen Patti game.

Also, players do not have a choice to play either seen or blind. It’s a rule of this Teen Patti variation that makes it distinct where 1 card will be seen, and the other 2 will stay blind. Now you know the main variations of Teen Patti and can try to play in online gaming casinos.

Teen Patti Variations