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Teen Patti is a simplified version of the world-famous card game, Poker. Even the rules are similar. It’s just that you are playing a sequence of three cards instead of five.

Also, 3 Patti is more of a chance game than a skill game. And you can only become a pro at this game if you know all of its sequences by heart. This comprehensive guide by 24betting will improve your knowledge and make things clear to you. Eventually, you’ll be able to play 3 Patti real money and know all the required strategies of this game.

Teen Patti Sequence

Teen Patti Sequence Rules

The first thing you should know about the Teen Patti Rules 3 Patti game rules is which hand is the highest and which one is the lowest.

Here’s a list 3 Patti sequences ranked from the highest to the lowest:

  • Trio, Trail or Set
  • Pure Sequence
  • Sequence
  • Color
  • Pair
  • High Card

The general rules are quite similar to Poker, and the hand with the highest rank will win the pot money. Let’s take a look at the sequences and their meaning for a better understanding of the Teen Patti ranking but it can be changed in different 3 Patti orders.

Trail, Trail or Set

This Teen Patti hand is the most superior sequence of the game, and if you are fortunate enough to have this sequence, you’re 100% a winner. This sequence is also called Trio or Three of a Kind.

Teen Patti Ranking

Pure Sequence

It’s a combination of three cards with similar suits. The hand with the highest

rank, which is A-K-Q, will win compared to the rank 4-3-2.


The sequence is somewhat similar to the Pure Sequence. But, the three cards in this will not have the same suit. It’s a win only when the cards are in a sequence. For instance, the sequence of A-K-Q is the highest.


This sequence is also known as Flush. It is like the Pure Sequence, where three cards will have a similar suit, just the cards are not in consecutive order. For instance, the sequence of the highest color is A-K-J.


Teen Patti Pair sequence will have 3 cards with two consecutive cards of the same rank, which means a pair. A pair of 2 aces is the highest while a pair of 2s is the lowest.

High Card

This Teen Patti sequence is the worst combination of cards. And you won’t win if you have a high card. The highest high card in 3 Patti rank is A-K-J, while the lowest is 5-3-2.

The Highest Sequence in 3 Patti

Do you want to know how to win Teen Patti with 100% chance? Everything you need is to have the Trio sequence. The Trio is the highest sequence in 3 Patti. And if you get this hand, it’s a win-win. No hand has more potential than this. The highest rank in Trio is 3 aces, and the lowest is 3 2s.

Blind Player

After the cards have been dealt and players have their three cards faced down. Before placing their next bet, it is up to the players to decide either to play seen or blind.

A blind player chooses to go further in the game without seeing his cards. And there are some benefits that are only for the blind player. For instance, a blind player can bet less than a seen player and doesn’t have to follow a lot of rules compared to the seen player.

Seen Player

Though while playing seen you need to bet higher than other blind players. It still offers a pack of strategies, such as chaal, sideshow, or if nothing works, a fold.

A seen player will bet for an amount that is twice the amount placed by the blind player.

Play Chaal

If you’re a seen player, chaal is one of the strategies you have to follow in order to remain in the game. While playing chaal, you bet twice or four times the amount placed by the previous player.

Prefer for sideshow option

While playing seen player, you can request a sideshow from your previous player. And if it gets accepted by the player, you both can compare your cards. The one with the highest Teen Patti Hierarchy will win.

Pack or Fold

There are two conditions when a player packs or folds. First is the one when you request a sideshow and your hand turns out the weakest, then you must pack.

In other condition, if you’re playing seen and you think your Teen Patti sequence is not strong enough to win, you can pack to save yourself from a further loss. However, in case of a pack or fold, the bet you already placed will be fortified. Now you know all the main Teen Patti sequences and can try yourself in online casino games.

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